How much does a root canal treatment cost?

Endodontic therapy is the medical term for root canal therapy. This treatment entails a series of treatments aimed at healing infected tooth pulps.

Every tooth is divided into two parts: the crown and the root. Dental pulps are sensory nerves, blood vessels, connective tissues, and other biological entities found in the internal sections of the root. Any injury to this area needs root canal treatment. So, what does root canal treatment cost?

Root canal therapy may be required for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Severe tooth decay
  • Large cavity fillings on teeth
  • Chips or cracks in the teeth
  • Severe gum disease (periodontal disease)
  • Dental injuries and trauma
  • Infections of the teeth or gums that are more severe

Some people are frightened by the prospect of having a root canal. The cost of dental care, on the other hand, can be even more alarming—especially for people who need root canal treatment but do not have insurance.

It is critical to seek treatment if your dentist has recommended a root canal. If the infection in your tooth is not treated, it might spread to other regions of your body. The illness could become life-threatening if it spreads to one of your essential organs.

Fortunately, whether you have dental insurance or not, there are a variety of options for paying for a root canal.

Without Insurance

Front tooth — $750 to $1,150

 Bicuspid (mid-mouth) — $850 to $1,250

 Molar — $1,250 to $1,850

With Insurance

Front tooth — $250 to $1,00

Bicuspid (mid-mouth) — $250 to $1,250

 Molar — $350 to $1,550

Furthermore, the cost of root canal therapy is determined by several factors including the total number of teeth to be treated, the clinic’s location, and the doctor’s experience. Keep in mind that your dentist will need to place a crown on top of the root canal, which can cost upwards of $1,000.