ALIGNERCO Review: Are Low-Cost Aligners Safe?

Straightening your teeth at home with at-home aligners is a discreet, effective, practical, and economical option. The trays are almost imperceptible and gradually straighten your teeth in modest steps. You can take them off at any time to eat, clean, or brush your teeth.

At-home aligners typically cost between $1,100 and $2,300. After reading Alignerco reviews we found that it is one of the most economical at-home aligners on the market, while SmileDirectClub is the most expensive.

How much does ALIGNERCO cost?

ALIGNERCO is between $750 and $1,200 less expensive than its competitors. The Smile Advantage package from ALIGNERCO costs $1145 and includes an impression kit, invisible aligners, and a set of retainers. If you choose Night Only aligners, you will pay $1345. Delivery inside the United States is free, but shipping to other countries is paid.

In any case, when you compare the cost of ALIGNERCO to the cost of regular braces, you’ll notice a significant difference. Traditional wire braces typically cost at least $3000, but they can easily cost up to $7000. Ceramic braces are comparable to wire braces in price, if not slightly more so.

When compared to traditional braces, ALIGNERCO can save you thousands of dollars, but what about alternative aligner treatments? ALIGNERCO also happens to be less expensive than them. When compared to Byte or Smile Direct Club, ALIGNERCO can save you hundreds of dollars, while Candid or Invisalign can save you thousands.

ALIGNERCO periodically offers exceptional discounts in addition to the savings you already have. For example, using a promo code, you may get a $200 discount on Night Only aligners right now. ALIGNERCO also offers a referral program in which you can earn $100 for referring a friend. In this situation, your friend gets a $100 discount as well.

ALIGNERCO has partnered with Affirm and to provide two additional payment plans that break down the cost of the Smile Advantage package into monthly installments with interest, with your aligners arriving in batches rather than as a single package.